Travel Resolutions You Should Keep In 2017!

Have you always wanted to travel the world? Do you find yourself dreaming about exploring new places? If you answered yes – ask yourself, what’s stopping you? It is time to leave those excuses behind and make travel the priority in your life. It is time to let that inner travel bug loose and let your desire to travel take control. It is time to make 2017 your year of travel.

1. Step outside of your comfort zone

It’s time to step outside of the security of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and do something that you wouldn’t normally do in the comfort of your own home or routine. Whether it’s by travelling solo for the first time, participating in an adventure activity, tasting an unusual foreign food, approaching and making conversation with someone in your hostel – going outside of your comfort zone can mean different things for everyone. Say yes to the unknown, after all, these experience may just turn out to be the most memorable and valuable moments of your life.

2.Explore more of your own country

You don’t have to leave your home country in order to travel. Make the most of what surrounds you. What is in your own backyard? You may be surprised by the beauty and adventures that lie ahead of you.

3. Be open to new experiences and people

Stop letting your assumptions get in the way of experiencing new things. Keep an open mind about everything – people, places, food, culture, religion, and so on. Embrace diversity, appreciate differences and develop a better understanding of the world around you. Live each day in the moment and welcome everything and everyone with open arms.

4. Visit a new place and an old favourite

Tick off a place that you have always dreamed of visiting. You know, that one city that’s sitting on the top of your bucket list? The time is now. Do you have a place that you just absolutely love and can’t get enough of? Don’t forget that you can always revisit your favourite places again, and again. So why not visit both if you get the chance?

5. Learn something new in every place you go

Learn how to speak some phrases in a new language. Learn some facts about the history of the place you are visiting. Learn about the traditions and customs of the local people. Learn how to cook a delicious dish from that particular place. Learn about the hidden hotspots around a city. Never stop learning and expanding your horizons!

“Adventure awaits, start packing!”


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