Travel Essentials Not to Forget

Flights and accommodation are booked. You’ve dusted off the suitcase and it’s packed and ready to go. The countdown is on. The excitement is taking over but have you double-checked that you’ve got all of the necessary travel essentials before you leave? Be prepared before you start your holiday with this checklist of travel essentials you can’t leave your home (and country) without.

Important Documents

You’re not going to get very far without all of those important travel documents – passport, transport/accommodation itinerary, e-tickets, physical tickets, and more. Don’t forget to keep a spare copy of them tucked away in your suitcase for emergencies.


Have you checked your visa situation and the travel periods associated with visas? Every country has different visa requirements so it’s important to check each and every country rather than make assumptions. Check with your travel agent or through your embassy.


Your PowerPoint adapters are one of those things that are so little yet so essential. It’s going to be a real pain to charge your phone, cameras and electronics without them. It can be difficult to find adapters that will fit the Australian plug when you’re overseas, so be sure to get one before you leave. Worst case scenario: you can always grab some from the airport. I suggest a universal plug and power board with USB ports.


When it comes to dealing with money overseas, there’s a lot more to think about than just swapping some cash. Make sure that you contact the bank to let them know that you are going overseas, this will prevent them from freezing your card for ‘suspicious activity’. It might be worth considering getting a travel money card, whether through your bank branch or one like the Cash Passport. They can make life a lot easier and be more cost effective when withdrawing cash and using EFTPOS overseas.

Travel Insurance

Never forget your travel insurance – it can be a lifesaver. Lost baggage, cancelled flights, delays, emergency medical…it can happen to anyone. Wouldn’t you prefer that extra sense of security knowing that your travel insurance company has got your back for any of those little travel mishaps? We’ve got a range of travel insurance plans for trips of all sizes to all ends of the earth, take a look here.

Now go and enjoy your holiday!


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