Travel Insurance Advice for Japan

Japan is ranked by The Global Peace Index Report 2015 as one of the safest countries to visit.  The country is tourist-friendly and Japanese people are polite and helpful to visitors. However, possible earthquakes are a concern for Japan. Check official advice for Japan on and subscribe to receive update information. Register your travel plan as soon as you have finalised them.

When travelling to Japan, you are strongly advised to take out a comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for:

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Medical and emergency dental expenses
  • Cancellation or holiday deferment costs
  • Lost or stolen luggage/belongings – accidental loss, theft, or damage to your luggage
  • Emergency Assistance.
  • Accidental death

Snow Sports Cover

Most insurance policies do not cover snow sports unless you purchase it as an extra.  If you are planning to ski or snowboard in Japan, make sure you add on the snow Sports cover to your insurance policy. If you have valuables above the policy limits, you may want to include them as specified items at an extra cost.

If you have any inquiry or need travel insurance advice for Japan, please contact Ouch Travel Insurance.

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Risking your holiday with a last minute on travel insurance purchase. Think again.

You’ve got a deal. A holiday of a lifetime whether it is a cruise trip to Alaska, a Rocky Mountain rail journey in Canada, or a family vacation package to Disneyland. Now you think you can sit back and relax because you have organised everything. Think again. What could happen between now and when the holiday begins?  You need to explore how the cancellation covers protect your holiday investment. Don’t risk your holiday with a last minute on travel insurance.

Cancellation Cover

First of all, you can purchase travel insurance that covers cancellation fees up to 24 months in advance. Medical cover and other covers begin on your departure; however, the cancellation protection begins when you purchase your insurance covers on the date the Certificate is issued. You are covered for the defined events listed in the policy which may force you to delay or cancel your trip and if you have already left for your holiday, subsequent cancellation costs.

Cancellation or holiday deferments cost will be covered as well as pre-paid costs such as transportation – train, ship, accommodation, entertainment tickets – theme park, concert, Golf green fees, etc.  You are also covered for loss of reward points which have been used to pre-purchase travel arrangments.

Common reasons for holiday cancellation covered by your travel insurance are:

  • Natural disasters and extreme weather affecting scheduled transport.
  • A sudden illness, injury, or the death of a travelling member or close relative.
  • Loss or damage of your passport or travels documents or credit card.
  • Job redundancy if you are a full-time permanent employee.
  • A member of your travelling party who is a full-time student has to sit supplementary examinations.

It is important to read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording to see what is covered under the policy.

We all remember the recent events of Volcanic eruption and ash fall-out in Bali, or the Earthquake in Nepal in 2015, or the floods in Europe. Just think of the anxiety if you had no insurance protection. It is too late to purchase a policy once the event has happened, so the best strategy is to buy your insurance when you book and pay deposits for your trip.

Existing Medical Conditions

As you would expect your travel insurance policy has certain exclusions,  If you or a member of your travelling party or a non-travelling relative at home, have an existing medical condition (other than those automatically covered) which required treatment or investigation in the 12 months prior to buying the policy then that existing medical condition will not be covered. Check the  policy wording for further details.

What else should you know?

Medical Costs

One of the most important reasons to buy travel insurance is to cover the cost of medical, hospital, dental costs overseas which can be more than ten times the equipvalent cost in Australia. Your private health insurance cover and Medicare benefits are unlikely to offer any protection for this cost.

Evacuation Costs

Most people don’t realise the high cost involved in moving a sick or injured traveller to bring them home or to a location that provides good medical facilities. Air ambulance evacuations can cost well in excess of $100,000 depending on the country involved.

Baggage Cover

You don’t want to be caught without travel insurance if your baggage gets stolen or misdirected. Imagine arriving at your destination with nothing but the clothes you have on.

Why look at Ouch Travel Insurance?

A good travel insurance policy also covers you for emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses as well as costs for reasonable additional travel, meals, internet use and emergency telephone costs.

Don’t forget the travel insurance policy also has an emergency assistance hotline you can call 24/7 from anywhere in the world if something goes wrong and need help.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please check the  Product Disclosure Statement at or contact us at 1300 880 231.

Travel insurance is underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003191 035 AFSL 239545. Ouch Online Insurance Pty Limited ACN 115 166 946 is an Authorised Representative No. 291274 of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited and issues policies on behalf of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. The information provided is of a general nature only. Please read the PDS to see if this product is right for you.

How Annual Multi -Trip Travel Insurance Can Help You Save

Are you a frequent traveller?

If the answer is yes, an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan can help you save on your holiday budget and provide convenience and peace of mind.


  • The Annual Multi -Trip Travel Insurance Plan is a cover based on the Worldwide policy that allows you to travel many times during your 12-month period and up to 60 days on each trip
  • The policy is more economical than buying travel insurance each time you travel and saves you time with a hassle free online process to purchase ever year. Most people leave travel insurance to the last minute, and sometimes they forget it all together. Few insurers allow you to purchase the policy after you leave Australia, so don’t risk it.
  • You have a choice of two regions, one including the USA, South and Central America and Antarctica and other for the rest of the world for the Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance plan depending on what country or region you will be spending more than 72 hours of any one trip.

The Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan has no limit on the number of trips overseas or within Australia. Internationally and Domestically, you are well covered

Cancellation Cost 

Travelling within Australia can cost as much as overseas travel; for example, a tour package in the Kimberley’s, a trip to central Australia, travelling with the Spirit of Tasmania.  Most require advance bookings. Unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury or severe weather can cause a disruption to your travel plans which result in cancellation fees.  With an Annual Multi-Trip Plan, your carriers – airlines, trains, vessel, or motor coach transport, no -refundable accommodation, or pre-paid theme park or event tickets, golf green fee or tuition fee are covered if you are forced to cancel due to one of our defined events.

Medical Expenses 

Overseas medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation, cost thousands of dollars, particularly in a place such as the United States. An Annual Multi Trip policy will cover your medical expenses when travelling overseas and on board cruise ships, even in Australian waters.  Did you know Medicare will not cover for a doctor visit on a cruise ship?

Rental Vehicle excess

Rental vehicle excess; cars, campervan, etc. is one of the reasons that you can benefit from your Annual Multi-trip plan either you travel overseas or within Australia. A standard car rental excess may cost you from $4,000 to $6,000.

Everyone knows the importance of travel insurance when travelling overseas. If you are a frequent traveller (travelling more than three overseas or domestic trips per year) you should consider taking out an Annual Multi Trip travel policy because it will probably work out cheaper for you and it will be more convenient than making that last minute rush to purchase cover. In addition, you have the added benefit of covering any trips within Australia for the year. It makes a lot of sense.

How to get the right level of cover ?

You spent so much time planning your holiday and spent a few minutes comparing on price when purchasing travel insurance. Is that right?
Pricing is sensitive and competitive, of course. Are you willing to take a risk on your holiday? Going on holiday is fun. You should work a little harder to read the policy before you decide to choose your level of cover.
Buying an inadequate level of cover can cause you out of pocket expenses in some situations. Getting the right level of travel insurance covers is essential. When things go wrong, you might not be covered and have to cover your expenses.

What to look for when you are purchasing travel insurance.

As soon as you book and pay for your flights, accommodation, tours, etc. the best advice is to take out your travel insurance. Why?
The cover for cancellation commences immediately after your Certificate of Insurance is issued. Cover for cancellation costs starts from the date of purchase. All other benefits start from the date that you have nominated as your departure date when applying for insurance
Unforeseen circumstances such as falling ill, injury, or severe weather can cause a disruption to your travel plans and result in substantial cancellation fees.
Make sure you read the policy wording carefully and understand the conditions i.e. what is covered and what is not covered. If you have pre-booked a tour and had to cancel it would you receive a refund and if not, are you able to claim against your policy?

Medical Expenses
Medical treatment can be highly expensive while travelling overseas. Make sure your travel insurance policy cover offers an appropriate level of cover for emergency medical needs as a result of unexpected injury or illness including medical, hospital, ambulance, air ambulance and emergency dental treatment expenses.
In case of critical illness, you may need your family member to be with you if you are travelling alone. The medical expenses section may cover you for the travel expenses for a nominated person to travel to and remain with you during this difficult time.
The medical cover begins when you leave on your trip and ends when you return home in Australia or when the period of insurance ends, whichever happens first.

Emergency Travel arrangement and accommodation expenses
When one books a holiday one does not plan to cancel or have their holiday interrupted, and this can occur at any point in time. Examples of trip disruptions can include natural incidents such as storms, or transport accidents that stop you continuing your planned journey. You need cover for additional and reasonable expenses apart incurred in addition to your original arrangements e.g. accommodation, transportation, internet use, or emergency telephone calls.

Evacuation and Repatriation
This cover is essential especially when you are travelling overseas in countries where medical treatment is not as advanced or available. You may not realise that a simple accident sometimes can cause you great expense. For example, you may have broken your leg and have a plaster cast from knee to groin therefore needing to buy a business ticket for extra leg room because you cannot use your original economy ticket. For your peace of mind ensure you have this cover.

Luggage & Personal Effects 
Travellers nowadays bring along a lot more than just a mobile phone i.e. camera, computer laptop, etc. You need a comprehensive cover. Some travellers decide to leave valuable jewellery at home to avoid the worry of loss or theft. Some also choose to travel light leaving room for equipment such as iPads, SLR camera equipment, etc. You need to ensure you have the right level of cover for loss or damage of your belongings.

Emergency Luggage
You also consider what will happen if your luggage is delayed by the carrier specifically what you might need to buy such as clothes, toiletries, and other personal requirements.
Replacement of passport and travel documents
A passport is your ID when travelling overseas. You cannot travel from country to country without it so its loss can be devastating on your travel plans as well as your finances.
The reissuing your passport may not only include the cost of the replacement passport but also transportation costs when you are required to travel to your nearest embassy as well as accommodation waiting for passport documents to be processed. This may disrupt your original schedule or travel plans. You may also need to replace other documents such as your credit card or traveller’s cheques, and it is important you have the right level of cover on your travel insurance policy.

Stolen cash
Stolen cash is usually not covered. Check to see that you have this cover and also the level of cover as this varies according to the destinations selected for travel plans.
Usually, if you are purchasing a higher premium plan cover for North America a higher limit of cover for the theft of cash will apply if that policy offers that cover, to begin with.

Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess
This cover will benefit you when you rent a vehicle from a registered rental company by covering the rental vehicle insurance excess you have to pay in the event of an accident. If you are planning to rent a vehicle make sure you have adequate cover under your travel insurance policy to cover the rental vehicle insurance excess applicable to the motor vehicle insurance provided by the rental company.
This will save you money because when you rent your vehicle, you do not have to pay extra to reduce or delete the motor vehicle insurance excess payable should you have a claim.

Personal Liability
Personal liability cover will protect you from claims made against you due to your negligence during the trip that has resulted in injury to another person or damage another person’s property that you are now liable to pay the damages or compensation. For example, playing golf in an area not designated for gold practice and breaking a window after you have sliced a golf ball into a resort window.

Legal expenses
This cover if for legal expenses for your legal costs and expenses incurred in pursuit of compensation and damages due to you suffering and injury, accident, or death due to the negligence of another person.
Rule of thumb, before purchasing any travel insurance read the policy wordings, do not make a decision on the price alone but look closely at the covers provided