6 Steps to starting your holiday plan

Going for a holiday is exciting! Planning for one is a bit of the work.

Allow time to plan ahead because doing your research will take time. If you don’t have time and have a little patient to do your research, find yourself a good travel agent. After all, planning yourself a holiday, getting to know a little bit of the history, culture and people of where you are going will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Simple steps to follows:

Step 1.  Research 

OFFICIAL WEBSITE – Start with an official website for the destination country. There are many good official tourism websites cover many aspects of the information necessary for your visit.  TRAVEL GUIDE websites, Travel Blog such as Lonely Planet, Expedia, and Trip Adviser will give you a good review.  Travel brochures, which you can download from travel agents online can give you a rough idea of how many days you should spend.  Reading weekend papers on Sat- Sun morning while having your coffee in the Café – supplements like the Traveller, Escape give you travel inspiration. Lastly, friends Facebook, Instagram will help build up your expectation and imagination while you are working on the plan

Before you go

Step 2. Book your flight

Things you should know when booking a flight.

  • Full-service airline or budget airline
  • First class, Business class, Premium Economy, Economy
  • Airline hub and route map from airline website – Stop over allowance. i.e. if you fly to Greece with Singapore Airlines, you can should stop over in Singapore or Dubai for no extra charge
  • Meals and in-flight entertainment – Special meal request. Airlines usually provide you with information on the meals available in flight.
  • Aircraft/ Seat.
  • Bassinette required advance booking because the number is limited.
  • Carry-on/ luggage allowance
  • Check-in process – would you be able to do a self-check-in, online check in, or counter check in.
  • Airport to some destinations, there are more than one airport available i.e. New York City, Washington D.C.
  • Time Zone of the destination country
  • Abbreviation of the country and city. Make sure it is the right destination that you want to go.
  • Lastly, airport map for transit, connection flight, shopping, pick up the area and so on…

Step 3. Take Out travel insurance

According to Smartraveller, the Australian government will not pay for your medical treatment cost overseas or the medical evacuation cost to Australia.  You need travel insurance for this.

There are many good reasons why you should take out travel insurance as soon as you book a flight.

  • If you have to cancel or delay your trip due to the unforeseen event for example sudden serious injury, or illness the travel insurance policy will cover your pre-paid costs such as your flight, accommodation and so on.
  • If yours pre-paid accommodation or has been damaged due to the bad weather, and you need to work on alternative booking, travel insurance can help.

Step 4. Accommodation

Things you should know when booking for accommodation

  • Hotel, Motel, Inn, service apartment, hostel, homestay.
  • Star Rating
  • Bed – King Bed, Queen Bed, Double bed, Single bed
  • Breakfast included
  • Parking Available / Any fee applied
  • Check in / Check out time
  • Member Discount/ Airline Mileage/ Rewards Point
  • Location of your accommodation. Does any public transportation available?
  • Customer reviews. Make sure you read some of the reviews online

Step 5. Local Tour

Hop on Hop off tour is a great idea to explore the city for the first time.  Some tours offer a special discount if you book online in advance. Check with your travel agent or go online.

Step 6. Transportationbus

Advance booking, especially car hire will guarantee you a car on your arrival. Read terms and conditions carefully; minimum age, international driver license needed? Most of the travel insurance policies give you cover for the excess on the rental, therefore, check your Travel Insurance policy before you buy any additional cover.  Lastly, check the road rule of your destination country. Driving on left or right-hand side. And don’t forget to download a road map on your Phone or a copy one.

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